Electric Operating Table Features and Usage Precautions

     Scope of the Electric Operating Table The basic function of the operating bed is to adjust the position of the operation so that the operation can proceed smoothly. There are about five major types of surgical positions commonly used: prone position, supine position, tilt position, perineal position, and sitting position. The prone position is generally suitable for spinal surgery. The supine position is suitable for routine surgery such as general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. The tilt position is suitable for surgery such as gallbladder, kidney and anorectal. The perineal position is suitable for operations such as obstetrics and gynecology and urology.
     The operating bed has a large adjustment range, stable structure, beautiful appearance, high surface finish, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. According to clinical needs, the operating bed can be equipped with special accessories to expand the use of functions.