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BPM-CU60 4D Ultrasound Diagnostic System


  • ITHI;
  • B-steer;
  • Trapezoid Imaging;
  • Intelligent depth recognition;
  • Auto tracing;
  • Spatial Compound Imaging;
  • PW and CW;
  • PDI and DPDI.



Abdomen, OB&GYN, cardiology, vascular and small parts, urology,musculoskeletal, pediatrics and etc.

Displaying mode

B, 2B, 4B, left & right B|M, B|D, CW, M,  PW, CFM, tripex, PDI, DPDI, B+PW, B+CFM+PW,B+PDI+PW, B+DPDI+PW

Signal processing

Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, digital full range dynamicfocusing, digital dynamic variable aperture and dynamic apodization, dynamicside lobe compression, optimized emission waveform, focus point is adjustable throughout the imaging area

Image processing

ITHI, Trapezoid Imaging, spatial Compound Imaging, speckle-reduction,B-steer, frame averaging, wall filter, 256 grey scale, scanning angle/width control

General measurement

B mode: distance, angle, perimeter and area (ellipse method, Trace method), volume, narrow, ratio;

M mode: heart rate, time, distance, speed, slope;

PW: velocity, PI&RI, time, distance, narrow, ratio, S/D, D/S, Max.pressure gradient, average pressure gradient, heart rate

Measurement &report packages

Abdomen, OB/GYN, cardiac, vascular, urology, peripheral vascular,orthopedic surgery, and etc.

Storage function

Probe parameter, image, cine loop, measurement data and report

Cine loop

Operated by automatically and manually, speed optional, searching cine loop, forward/ backward cine loop

Input/output interface

VGA, S-video, network, USB, composite video output

Standard configuration

Main unit;

3.5MHz convex probe;

19" LCD monitor;

3 probe connectors;


4 USB ports;

free arm

Optional configuration

7.5MHz linear probe;

6.5MHztransvaginal probe;

3.0MHz phased array probe;

4.0 Mhz volume probe;

Color video printer;

Laser printer;



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