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BPM-MR100 Mobile X Ray Machine

Main Features:

  • This efficiency-improved x ray machine takes the following advantages:
  • Adopts high-pressure silicon, full-wave rectification technology. 
  • With kilovolt (kV), milliampere (mA) and time (s ) three factors interlocks control system  
  • Overloading indicator & the protection circuit of excessive voltage & insufficient voltage, thus the X ray tube head of x ray will not be damaged because of mis-operating.
  • Equipped with steady filament voltage circuit to control the X ray dosage while photographing
  • Remotely controlled exposure & manually controlled exposure options 
  • Sound & flash indicator while exposing for patients & medical personnel convenience
  • This x ray machine equipped the electricbeam limiter with shadow positioning. The electric beam limiter will send out a beam of visual light while operating to aim the nidus and the scale ofthe visual light overlaps ,the scale of X ray exposing. This function make it convenient that medical personnel position the nidus & the x ray exposed area. 
  • Movable cantilever sliding in vertical direction so that it is flexible to adjust the Xray tube head to appropriate angle & height. When the complete machine is moved, the cantilever of theXray tube head can be set to the min. position and lock, safely and conveniently.


  • This machine is a single focus point, full-wave rectification bedside X ray medical diagnosis machine
  • Maximum Ratings: 

mA    kVp   s


























  • Condition of the power supply Single-phase alternating current   Voltage: 180V-250V    Frequency: 50Hz  Power supply resistance ≤0.2Ω   Instantaneous electric current: 37A (Max)
  • Timer 0.08-6.3s,    20 shelves of electron type    5. X ray tube specification : XD4-29/100, focus 4.3 
  • X ray tube focus highest position (above ground level)≥1710mm 
  • X ray tube focus lowest position (above ground level)≤480mm 
  • Remotely exposure distance: 6m                    
  • The required pulling force to move the whole machine≤25kg
  • Power of Electric Beam Limiting Device: AC 24V, Capacity 110W.
  • Indicator Power of Electric Beam Limiting Device: AC 24V, Power: 100W, Tungsten Haloid Light
  • Illuminance of Electric Beam Limiting Device: no less than 100Lx at 1m from X ray focus to target area
  • When X ray focus at 650mm away from the film, max illumination scale ≤350mm×350mm; 
  • When X ray focus at 1m away from the film, max illumination scale ≤50mm×50mm

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