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Pull-over Infant Eye Protector


-Well fitting the face, effectively block the radiant light;
-Cotton non - woven fabric on the back, moisture-wicking and breathable, reduce friction;
-Black shading material, effectively absorb radiant light;

Product feature: breathable(non-woven fabric), soft(sponge), absorbent(cotton cloth)

Application scope: newborns with pathological jaundice, or premature birth, or hemolytic disorder, need phototherapy.

Expiry date: three years

Storage condition:At relative temperature of -10°C〜45°C, in relative humidity of not more that 80%, in a dry, cool clean and well ventilated environment without corrosive substance.

Note: adjust the position of the eye mask, to make sure that the position with protection function is proper, and follow a doctor’s advice when using it. do not arbitrarily discard this product after use

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